Since 1994 TASC has been organising Events & Workshops to encourage the use and enjoyment of Folk Music in Mid Wales and the Borders
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Coming Next . . . French & Breton Dance Workshops and Evening Bal with KANTREF and the art of Melodeon Maintenance with REES WESSON

above left, from our last Day of Dance a couple of years ago: above right, Rees talking about one of his own melodeons.

Bourrees, Mazurkas, Larides, An Dros and Schottisches with lively exciting music from a great five piece band. Tickets available on our shop page.

supported by ACW Night Out Scheme

Learn how to keep your instrument in fine fettle. Advice on repairs, improvements, tools, tuning, etc. Tickets available on our shop page

Your Ideas so Far!

These are the ides you've come up with so far to celebrate our 25th year.
DAY OF STEPDANCE with Lisa Sture, Pam Knight & Louise Williams
WINTER HARMONY WORKSHOP with Sue Harris (at planning stage)
TWELFTH NIGHT (at planning stage)

TUNE WORKSHOPS with Ceri Rhys Matthews
(this is unlikely now as ACW have refused to fund it)
PERCUSSION WORKSHOP (postponed till 2019)
STORYTELLING with Amy Douglas (postponed till 2019)
AUTUMN CEILIDH with DiEnw and Monty Folk (not going ahead)

Goodbye to Urge

We are saddened to hear of the loss of Hugh "Urge" Ward who died on Sunday 1st April 2018.

Urge was the site manager for the Mid Wales May Festival in the late 80s and 90s. His cheerful willingness was indispensable in providing the setting for the festival, and an inspiration to us all. It's no exaggeration to say we couldn't have done what we did without him.

He always relished a challenge, and it never seemed to occur to him that some things might be beyond him. Here he is on the left, with TASC Director Philip Freeman on the right in 1998.

Trustees 2018-19

TASC's 2018 AGM took place in the Girls Parlour at Llandinam Village Hall on Wednesday 18th April. Following the AGM the following are the trustees of TASC for the coming year:-

  • Pete Damsell
  • Claire Short
  • Claire Weston
  • Lisa Sture
  • Philip Freeman

Documents to download:-

Twenty-Five Years of TASC!

Although TASC became a registered charity in 1994, the organisation was actually formed in 1993.
That makes it our 25th anniversary in 2018!

To celebrate this momentous milestone we'd like to see a number of events of different kinds taking place, and we're asking you all to help us make it happen. We'd like it to reflect what we've done over the years and be a mixture of workshops, concerts, dances, even street performances and sessions. We haven't got much money these days, so we can't provide too much in the way of finance, but we might manage fifty quid here or there. And if anyone can add any funds as well as helping making it happen that would be great.

It's also been 25 years of our Director Philip Freeman steering TASC. That is now coming to an end, and it will mean big changes. Later in the new year we'll be asking whether TASC has now fulfilled its role and should draw to a close, or whether a new lease of life is round the corner, and who wants to help make that happen.

image shows a workshop at the Seed weekend in 2006. Tutors included Alistair Anderson, now chair of the English Folk Dance & Song Society, and Karen Tweed who conceived and helped organise the event

A Sad Loss

We were very sad to learn that Esta Beilby passed away on 5th December. Esta took part in many TASC projects over the years such as the Llandinam Village Band and the Severn Suite, and enjoyed music and dance in many ways. Our sympathies go out to Geoff and the family. A celebration of her life was to have taken place at the Monty Club in Newtown on Saturday 20th January but has now been put back to April 14th which is the evening before what would have been Esta's 64th birthday.


We haven't the resources to cover listings, but there are regular sessions listed by Folk Life, Folk Wales and Broadsheep.

You can sign up for our newsletter and we'll let you know items of particular interest. We also list and link on our facebook page.

Our favourite sessions include the Bull & Heifer in Bettws Cedewain and the Arvon Ales sessions in Llandod. There's also a new slow session starting up near Kington, the Almeley Steady Session starting Dec 7th.

Taking Steps

Our Dartmoor Project is coming to an end. It researched stepdance styles, music, and historical background and was led by Lisa Sture.

Workshops were carried out by Spinningpath Arts. Pictured is Jenny Read with an attentive class of primary school children.

Visit the website for the latest news.

Teaching Videos

To help you learn we have a handful of teaching videos on our site.

There is also the sheet music for each tune for those of you who like to work that way. There is a jpg or a pdf file to choose from.

You might also find our Youtube channel of interest.

Community Bands

Our Community Bands page lists a number of groups where you can make music with other people.

The picture shows members of MontyFolk from Montgomery with Mid Powys group DiEnw, plus a couple of TASC trustees. Venue is Garth Village Hall.