Since 1994 TASC has been organising Events & Workshops to encourage the use and enjoyment of Folk Music in Mid Wales and the Borders
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Just a reminder that TASC no longer has the resources to update the website regularly enough to make listing events feasible. We might still put the occasional one out via our facebook page, but there are too many different kinds of events in many different places to keep in touch with them all. Broadsheep remains a good source for all kinds of arts in Mid Wales and the Borders, and for a comprehensive view of folk events throughout England and Wales Sam Somers' FolkLife Quarterly is worth getting hold of. It's also on-line

For an even fuller picture of Folk Music today try joining the English Folk Dance & Song Society (they cover Wales as well). TASC is an affiliated member. Lots of information on their website and you get the quarterly magazine English Dance & Song. The summer issue contains an article on the Taking Steps project.

Towards Autumn

As a result of the discussion that followed the 2017 AGM we will shortly be putting together a menu of options for an autumn programme. We will then be asking you to respond to these suggestions, or to make some of your own. It will be a modest programme, in line with TASC's much reduced resources, and will take into account the responses to our 2015 consultation.

We don't rule out ambitious plans for the future - and Taking Steps, our Dartmoor Step Dance project shows what can be achieved with external funding - but any such initiative will require someone to lead it, though with a full back-up from TASC.

We will continue to share with you information about folk events and opportunities, focusing on things of exceptional quality or those which help you develop your own skills.

image above shows Twelfth Night at Llandinam Village Hall several years ago

News In Brief(click on image for more) - May 2017

Autumn Projects Soon
Watch this space - and make sure you're signed up for our newsletter.

Dartmoor Step Dance Project Well Under Way
Lisa Sture has been appointed project officer contact her via e-mail

2017 dates

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