Since 1994 TASC has been organising Events & Workshops to encourage the use and enjoyment of Folk Music in Mid Wales and the Borders
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From 1989 to 1998 the May Festival brought some of the most outstanding artists to Newtown. Musicians, singers, comedians, dancers and street artists from all over the world could be seen at over 100 events crammed into three days.

At its height the festival attracted 10,000 people for a three day programme of concerts, masterclasses, dances and workshops.

TASC carries on that same commitment to innovation, quality and accessibility.

These are only very brief notes. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Philip Freeman
TASC Administrator
01686 688102

left: Site Manager Hugh (Urge)Ward in discussion with Phil Freeman.
below (clockwise from top):Tony Benn, Philip Freeman, Ian Orr, Knockhundred Shuttles, Cajun Waltzing, dancing at Theatr Hafren to the Boat Band, Chinese Lion Dancers, poet Adrian Mitchell.

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Punjabi Bhangra Dancers.

Festival Director Phil Freeman in conversation with Norma Waterson outside the Club Tent

We'll be scanning in some of the contents of the above programmes during 2016.

Some of the artists taking part were:-
1989 Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger, Blowzabella, Alistair Anderson, Chris Wood, Aberjaber, Robin Huw Bowen, Artisan, Zumzeaux, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Calennig, Crabapple, Shrewsbury Lasses, Bull & Pump Morris
1990 - Billy Bragg, Cock & Bull Band, Martin Carthy, June Tabor, Vasmalom, Bon Ton Roulez, Leon Rosselson, Frankie Armstrong & Joan Mills, Dougie McClean, Tony Hall, PJ Hernon, Stan Hugill, Jim Mageean, Johnny Collins, Notts Alliance, Bonnie Shaljean, Feet First, Ragged Heroes, Saith Rhyfeddod
1991 Dick Gaughan, 3 Mustaphas 3, John Kirkpatrick, Roy Bailey, Aberjaber, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting, Late Night Band, Token Women, Crayfish Five, Aberjaber, Peter Bellamy, Dave Burland, Bob Bray & Jon Scaife, Delyth Evans, Fabulous Salami Brothers, the Kipper Family,Sue Harris, the Boat Band, Jim Eldon, John Tams, Paul Burgess & Flos Headford, Patrick Byrne, Mogsy, Martha Rhoden's Tuppeny Dish, Shropshire Bedlams, Circus Croissant Neuf, Feet First.
1992 Fiddle Puppets, Edward II, Ti Jaz, Alistair Anderson, the Shepherds, Tarika Sammy, Flatville Aces, Sisters Unlimited, Ran Tan Band, Gordon Potts, Maire ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, Les Barker, Huw & Tony Williams, Tom McConville, Jim Woodland, Janet Russell, Sandra kerr, Nancy Kerr, Mick Hanly, Notts Alliance, Fabulous Salami Brothers, Ken Hughes, Mal Brown, Patrick Ryan, Mike Rust, Samba Gales, Circus Croissant Neuf, Mogsy, Mimika, Scallywag, Instant Music, Kicking Alice, Broken Ankles, Seven Champions, Green Ginger, Ragged Heroes
1993 Boys of the Lough, Tony Benn & Roy Bailey, John Kirkpatrick's Bumper Band, Barely Works, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting, Nigel Eaton, Bluebird Cajun Band, La Cucina, Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins, Quimantu, Calennig, Gwerinos, Castle B Band, Martin Curtis, Damien Barber, Punjab Bhangra Dancers, No Fit State Circus, Highly Strung, Moira Lewis, Mike Rust, Ally Crocker,
1994 Sharon Shannon, R Cajun & Zydeco Bros, Martin Carthy, Scarp, Syncopace, Jeremy Hardy, Four men & a Dog, No Fit State Circus, Old Rope String Band, Caravanserai, Robin Huw Bowen, Chainsaw Sisters, Spice Trade, Zambula, Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr, Roger Wilson, Alistair Anderson, Tom McConville, Wilson Family, Brian Peters, Jay Turner, MadCap's Progress
1995 - Kevin Burke's Open House, June Tabor, Karen Tweed & Ian Carr, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting, Otis Grand's Blues Band, Rock Salt & Nails, Tony Hall,Saffron Summerfield. Rees Wesson, Sisters Unlimited, Kitchen Girls, The Hedgerows, Chainsaw Sisters, Debby McClatchy, Token Women, Dave Roberts, Sheena na Gig, Mick Brooks, Les Barker, Waltzer, Punjab Bhangra, Sheila Mainwaring, Madcap's Progress, Kicking Alice, Phil Hodson & Barbara Kopeck.
1996 - Tony Benn & Roy Bailey, Oysterband, Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto, Poozies, Adrian Mitchell, Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies, Sileas, Prego, Ian Carr & Karen Tweed, The Geckoes, Jo Freya, Robb Johnson, Robin Huw Bowen, Nigel Jenkins, Delyth Evans, Peeler Small Quartet, Notts Alliance, Sheela na Gig, The Big Hum, Pete Morton, Bing Lyle & Ben Paley, Mal Brown
1998 - Dick Gaughan, John Kirkpatrick, John Renbourn, Fernhill, Vasmalom, Rory McLeod, Saxophony, the KilBrides, Cwttig, Llio Rhydderch, Wrigley Sisters, Daisy Belle, Tim Van Eyken, 6 foot 3, Melomanics, Professor Panic
* In 1997 it proved impossible to reach an agreement with funders due to local government re-organisation.
It is impossible to thank all the people who made this such a memorable 10 years (for, of course, the organising of the event began in 1988) but we couldn't have manged it without Jackie Newey, Linda Ward, Hugh (Urge) Ward, boz Boswell, Andy Warren, Mike Greenwood, Janice Ayres, Caroline Clegg and, in more ways than can be counted, Kathleen Freeman.
Philip Freeman