Since 1994 TASC has been organising Events & Workshops to encourage the use and enjoyment of Folk Music in Mid Wales and the Borders



TASC has equipment that can be hired or borrowed for folk music projects.

Portable Recording Studio

TASC has a fully functioning recording studio that can be used anywhere, and has already been used for a number of projects. Hire prices are very reasonable and the final output is suitable for CD duplication, which we can also arrange.

The studio hire includes TASC volunteers who will engineer the recording session and work with you to edit the recording, including the use of EQ, over-dubs and reverb.

The Suitcase Studio consists of

  • An Apple Powerbook
  • Pro Tools 6.7 Recording & Editing Software. It has two input channels for microphones and a headset. We can alos supply a mixing desk which can be connected via the input channel but only two channels can be recorded at once though overdubbing allows up to 32 separate tracks to be created and mixed.
  • Two microphones, with stands, and a headset.
For long recording sessions a power source is needed but recording can be done using the battery which enables recordings to be made almost anywhere.

below: Newtown's Community Band Ffonic being recorded for the Taste CD