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FOLK TUNES 2020+ (Steady Sessions)

210 The Sheep Under The Snow (Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey)

Comments: A traditional tune from the Isle of Man

209 Bechgyn yn Chwarae

Comments: Goes very well with A Stone's Throw...

208 A Stone's Throw (Tafliad Carreg)

Comments: A tune by Mike Lease, with thanks to Jem Hammond for the notation.

Pwt ar y Bys

Comments: None yet.

107 Robin's Waltz

Comments: A tune by Jon Swayne of Blowzabella. Harmony by Louise Williams.

106 Travellers Joy

Comments: a tune by Janet May, used by Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish for one of their dances

105 Paddy McFadden's Slide


104 Ann Wooby's Waltz

Comments: None

103 Dr. Mackay's Farewell to Creagory

Comments: This tune is also called The Dark Island

102 Morfa r'Frenhines

Comments: None

101 Rheged

Comments: None